7 attractive blog post headlines that will make you increase your traffic

Let’s talk about a struggle that no one wants to talk about because it’s not a big deal or you’re a busy person with your projects as an interior designer. But, you’re here because you know it: you spend hours writing the most fascinating, well-researched blog post and just a handful of other people read… It’s not what you had in mind.

In case you didn’t notice, a lot more people are dissecting your headlines than you think.

Before knowing the best formulas to increase your traffic, we have to talk about the power of emotions.

Headlines that feature more emotional power words are ten times as likely to be shared so you can imagine the effect it has using these words with the following formulas.

Start to take advantage of this fact in your headlines by utilizing some of the most effective power words of all time, and what better place to start with Karl Stepp’s list of 180 power words.

You don’t have to be a master copywriter to know that stirring up emotion in your audience is a surefire way to increase your reach.

And also check out the competition. Are they also using emotional words? What kind of word are they using? What synonyms can you find? To hunt some synonyms use Thesaurus and discover even more ideas.

Try analyzing the Emotional Marketing Value of your headline is and which primary emotion it uses (intellectual, empathetic, or spiritual). Research shows that posts with high EMV have more shares than the usual ones.

We have created this handy image for you to save or pin to refer to when you write your next headline:

1. The “This/These” specific allusion formula

Use this formula to imply there’s a specific tool, technique or idea that you don’t know. Your brain automatically wants to hear the answer.

Here are some examples:

1. Do These Three DIY’s Privacy Curtain Alternatives

2. Are You Making This 1 Deadly Mistake at Your Vintage Leather Armchairs?

3. Which One of These Bedrooms Trends Like You the Most? We Can’t Decide

2. The “How to” headline tutorial

The “How to” headline tutorial arouses curiosity by sharing a story with a specific person or company. Of course, as readers, you hope to learn something from these blog posts.

This type of headline promises us a solution to a problem. This formula works best when you make the problem as specific as possible.

1. How my granny’s aesthetic inspired my love of design?

2. How to Choose the Right Floor Lamp for Your Living Room?

3. How to Add Art Deco Style in Your Home?

3. The “Bossy” headline

When you use this type of headline, it has to be with authority. You say people what to do and when you do right their reaction is, “I’d love to. Tell me how!”.

For example:

1. Don’t Start a Minimalist Style Project in Your House till You Read This

2. Get Top Price for Your Home by Decorating it to Sell

3. Stop Doing This Mistakes with Your Scandinavian Furniture

4. The Contrarian Headline

This usually contradicts conventional wisdom or clichés.

So, for example:

1. Why Using This 2019 Trend is a Bad Thing

2. Don’t Buy on IKEA your Wardrobe. Here’s Why

3. Why White Space It’s not a Good Idea in Your Dining Room

5. The Negative Superlative Conquer Headline

Placing a strong adjective at the beginning of your title is an effective way to engage your audience. According to Outbrain showed that headlines containing negative superlatives performed 30% better than headlines with positive superlatives, and the average click-through rate was 63% higher.

How can this be? Well, negative headlines are perceived as more authentic (no one would get paid to write a bad review) and it tends to be less cliché than a positive headline. They’ve evolved with the “shock value” factor.

Consider “7 Best Bathrooms DIY Ideas that you will love” vs “7 Sinister Bathrooms DIY Mistakes that You Have to Avoid”.

6. The Odd List Headline

Studies have found that a title starting with a number is readers’ most popular headline preference.

Now that you’re using numbers in your headlines, here’s an extra secret: use just odd numbers.

According to the Content Marketing Institute over 150,000 individual headlines and confirmed that headlines using odd numbers are, on average, clicked 20% more than the even-numbered headlines.


Imagine using these headlines…

7 Budget Backsplash Project
9 Clever Ideas for Small Baths
21 Creative Ideas to Paint a Cottage

… And getting 20% more readers as a result!

With a series of small changes like this, your headlines will be high-performing.

7. Top-notch Free Headline Analyzer: Coschedule

This tool will be a relief to all your headlines struggles. We use it all the time and it’s that simple like enter your headline and it will help you formulate it and improve on it. Coschedule gives handy suggestions on words to improves and length etc.

We really like to enter our headlines and subjects and try to beat the score, then once we get a green score we’ll use it.

Practice as much as you can

Knowing and understanding your clientele is a vital part of your headlines. It helps you create better posts and focus your time and energy in the right way. They can tell you what they need from you and it doesn’t matter if you only get “bad ideas”, you will need to start writing anything that comes to mind until you have nothing left to throw out there.

Don’t forget your keywords

Add your keywords in the headline is totally fine. Google at least can find your content then. Ideally, you want the keyword at the beginning of your blog posts, but never compromise the readability to achieve this.

Google is smart, you don’t need to have your keywords next to each other. For example, if my keywords were “Minimalist” and “Boston”, it would be fine to have a headline that reads “9 Minimalist Trends in Boston”, words like “trends” and “in” won’t compromise results.

If you need extra help, here’s how to start SEO traffic on your interior design business website… And nothing’s gonna stop you to increase traffic now.

Pick out a few of these formulas to test with your next headlines and evaluate the effect it has on your click-through rates.

Any doubt? Don’t hesitate and write down below, we’re here to walk beside you.

Good luck!


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