9 Things that will make me leave your interior design blog fast

Let’s be honest, working on a blog as a designer it’s harder than we actually thought at the beginning. As a blogger, I’ve been making some mistakes that I’d really love to share-based in my experience and what I’ve seen. In that way, you avoid making those mistakes.

So for all the beginners’ bloggers out there who are looking to reach the audience, here are some common mistakes that will make me leave your interior design blog fast.

1. If you make me read your darkness blog with a light text

This mistake corresponds to the aesthetics of your entire website. Reading online is harder on your eyes than reading a traditional paper.

That’s why many blogs use black text on a light background to display their content because it’s easy to read. However, using light text on a dark background also has its advantages. The difference between these two is knowing when to use one over the other without hurting user readability.

Understanding when to use white text on a dark background properly, this post Undsgn will help you a lot.

2. Using Auto-Loading Music and Videos

This is the most annoying thing on the internet these days. It’s true that videos may be relevant to the content, but avoid it to put in automatically, because the audio can blast ears’ audience and even worse if this promotional videos are hidden in some corner of your blog, will make your clientele run away.

There are always exceptions to every rule where playing background music would be considered acceptable like musicians and band blogs and personal websites. But, if you want to make your interior design relevant, believe me, there are better ways to do it.

3. Plagiarism is always noticeable

Plagiarism is more than just copying someone else’s work and claiming it as your own content. Sometimes, it can unintentional and not all are due to ill intent. Like not giving credit to the author when you use their ideas or failure to use quotation marks.

Google doesn’t like duplicated content. To avoid falling into plagiarism, I bring you a plagiarism checker, so you can keep yourself out of trouble with Google. Copyscape is very useful to check an unlimited number of websites and it’s the best tool if you are hiring freelance writers for your interior design blog.

What about if you used pictures without the author’s permission? You can check these 15 of the best websites to find free stock photos for interior designers and forget about plagiarism.

4. Hard to Find What I’m Looking in your Blog!

Picture this: I’ve seen your blog, then I go into an entry that interests me a lot and out of nowhere start to appear 5 advertisements, 3 background images, ten blogging award buttons, and two pop-ups… I’ll have nothing else to do but get frustrated!

It’s common knowledge of the finest websites with a clean and crisp design to increase their traffic. Make your interior design blog visually pleasing and I’ll stick around to read anything you have to say.

5. Constantly Trying to Sell Me Something makes me leave fast!

I just entered your interior design blog and you’re already asking me about my money? Before I hire you or buy anything that you try to sell me, I want to know more about you and what makes you different from other interior designers.

And don’t get me wrong, I completely agree that you need to advertise your services and products but you have to think about how you look like from the eyes of someone stopping by the first time in your blog. Perhaps ask someone to review your site and give you honest feedback.

6. Ads Blocking Me from Clicking Where I want to click

If you realize, most of the problems that make me leave a blog fast are related to ads. If you had an ad that shows directly below your drop-down menu, and I can’t click on the topic that I want to read about… Then I won’t be coming back to your blog.

7. Too much sidebar clutter

Show your awards, badges and various trinkets in your sidebar it’s something that makes you feel proud of your work. But you can use wisely this white space to help lead your readers toward specific content. You don’t have to get rid of your awards when you can create a page to show them and link to it from your main page.

Sleek, uncluttered design goes a long way with readers. The less clutter, the better.

8. Click Next to See More Pages

This one is very controversial and is used to load the same page with more content while you’re clicking again and again. I understand this helps to improve their stats but, we just want to read it all in one go. These sites make me leave straight away.

9. Using “click here” instead of keyword phrases for links

Have you ever wanted your users to click a link but didn’t know how to get them to act? Well, a good way is let to use words like “click here” or even just the word “here” when you’re including a link.

Choose your link words carefully and always try to insert keywords phrases that help with SEO. Be more descriptive to your readers, and we’ll thank you for it.

And that’s it. We will agree that you want to grow and reach a large number of people. Then, I would urge you to consider what changes could make.

What would you add to this list? Don’t hesitate and write down below, we’re here to walk beside you.


Good luck!


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