How to Make an Interior Designer’s About Page That Rocks!

Have you noticed your About Page is typically one of the most visited pages on your website?

It seems to me that some Interior Designer’s Websites have an easier time creating blog content or stories from them portfolios than they do writing a solid About Page.

If that’s you, I’m here to help you. A good interior designer’s about page must be simple, straightforward, and needs to communicates just a few key things.

I’ve seen a lot of mistakes on sites that deserve better. These kinds of mistakes are easy to fix and with these tips, you’ll encourage your audience to stay with your business.

So let’s make it easy for you to have an impressive user-friendly interior designer’s about page.

Do you really have an Interior Designer’s About Page that rocks?

Ok, so you are having a lot of interesting content, a beautiful custom-designed website and you only create a section on your landing page with just a picture of you.

Just because you avoid creating an About Page, doesn’t mean no one will notice it’s missing.

Please, never think that About Pages are a cliché. Every site needs an About Page, it’s a must.

It’s not about you, it’s about them

We know that “About” sounds like your professional biography and most interior designers use to think like this is their opportunity to talk about themselves.

If you’re one of them, it’s time to rethink the entire thing. Your content – even your “About Me Page” – must be build empathy with your audience.

Everybody loves stories. Having a well–designed About Page is the opportunity to allow your potential clients to quickly figure out if you’re possibly a match made with their dream project.

Leverage Social Proof

This section is especially important if you’re angling to give services. Your clients are looking for reasons to trust you and nothing boosts your credibility like a couple of testimonials about how you do your work.

Hearing positive feedback straight from your audience to convince them that you’re credible. It’s something that takes time to earn, though. Don’t fake testimonies if you don’t already have them.

Pictures of Your Team or Yourself

This is a great place to share your values with your audience. One popular way of doing this is telling a story your audience can see themselves in.

Be honest with your audiences and most importantly, be yourself. Show some pictures of your every day as an interior designer.

A nice picture helps your audience connect with the interior designer behind the curtain and get a good look at the real you. This helps a lot if you put it with your short bio.

Tell a story where you’re coming from

This one could hurt, I know. For some reason, when designers write down an About Page, they love to share everything they know about creating process and suddenly flies out the window.

If you’re going to tell them the story of how you came to be here, please make it interesting!

To fix this problem, focus on telling them where are you from and don’t be afraid to be a little funny if you can pull it off.

What else does your audience find interesting? Of course, they themselves. Think about how knowing about you will benefit them.

Remember that this is where your audience goes to figure out who you are, whether you write it or not.

…And don’t forget that getting Google traffic is great, include some organic SEO keywords that tie naturally into the interior design industry. But, all the SEO in the world won’t help if you’re online voice always sound like a robot.

What’s your Interior Designer About Page Pet Peeve?

What drives you nuts about the Interior Designer’s About Pages you’re seeing around the web?

What do you love when you see it?

Any doubt? Don’t hesitate and write down below, we’re here to walk beside you.


Good luck!


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