How to Start an Interior Design Blog

Are you a passionate about DIY decorating, educate other people with how to’s or you love about experiences in your field? well, this is the entry you need to read.

But, now you are thinking that blogging niches are abounded and you have no possibilities. However, interior design blogs such an interesting niche that no two blogs are the same, because each blogger has a different style.

Find Your Passion

Here’s a list of categories that an interior design blog could have, even so there are no creative limits for blog ideas:

• Renovations
• DIY decorating
• How to’s
• Coordinating color schemes
• Organizing
• Spaces
• Best home décor
• Furniture flips

Figuring Out What to Write About

Everybody wants to write what we love and hoping to gain readers. But, it’s important to consider what your audience might want to read.

You need to know what problems can solve, they’re always want to learn something new, to reach a goal or simply be entertained. You can be entertaining and helpful at the same time. In fact, it’s a great combination and at this point you will need to put your energy to understand your niche.

Example of Successful and Gorgeous Interior Design Blogs

Here is just a few example of great home blogs.

In My Own Style

Diane love all things creative, colorful, and DIY. Her designs are tasteful and elegant ones that encourages you to find your own style in the home décor department.

Casa Watkins Living

With Stephanie you can get super creative in how to style your house with a low budget. She hopes you can find inspiration in the process of transforming your style home.

Chris Loves Julia

Chris and Julia’s blog are committed to helping others enjoy the space they live in with showcases projects that they do in their own home.

Smartstyle Interiors

Phoebe believe truly design is more than just set a room in a magazine. Her tagline is “holistic interior design for human happiness”. She offers inspiration and design services as well.

Start Your Blog Today: Step by step

Now that you’re convinced, you might be wondering what the best way to start is. So here’s some advice on beginning your blogging journey.

Step #1. Decide on your Domain Name

Once you know what your blog niche will be, you get to decide on a fun new domain name (if you don’t already have one).

Choose an easy to spell and generic blog name and start blogging. You can check more information here. And remember: you can purchase a new blog name in a few months if you really want to.

Step #2. Choose a Plan to Host Your Blog

Now you have your domain it’s time to get hosted, this is basically the server on which your blog actually lives. I recommend you to make a plan on Bluehost because they have amazing 24/7 customer and technical support and offer a 30-day money back guarantee in case blogging just isn’t for you.

Click here if you’re ready to get started with WordPress on Bluehost.

Step #3. Setting Up the Blog in WordPress

WordPress makes it very easy to start creating content right away. If you have basic computer skills and can use word processor programs like Microsoft Word, you can easily start and manage your very own blog.

In most cases, the homepage of your business website is probably set up as a static page, rather than an archive view of your most recent blog posts. We recommend don’t change that, so the best way to help your audience find your blog content is to create a new blank WordPress page called ‘Blog’.

Once you’ve published that blank page, head over to the Reading Settings and select that new page from the Posts page drop down list.

The link to this page should now be added to your navigation and menu areas. When visited, this page will then list your most recent blog posts.

Step #4. Add Some Plugins

Now it’s time to start thinking about functionality, traffic and other helpful features:

Yoast SEO. This plugin helps you to optimize your blog posts and make them reach a high position in the search result of Google or other search engines.

Akismet. The spam comment eradicator, never have to deal with spam comments with this plugin.

Contact Form 7. Create an easy and simple contact form.

Sumo. A great way for insert social sharing buttons in your blog posts.

There are of course many others to look into as well, but these plugins will give your blog an excellent start and once you have mastered these you can look to new options to improve your blog further.

Step #5. Build an Email List

To keep readers coming back for more, build an email list so you can inform your most loyal audience when you have new content for them to read. There are several tactics like lightboxes, exit intent pop ups, slide up boxes or smart bars. Choose what most fits to you, they all work amazingly well.

We recommend to use Mailchimp.

Blogging isn’t always easy. However, if you follow this path of online marketing publishing new content on a regular basis, your blog’s ability to generate more leads can snowball over time. Your ideas, advice and observations you can give away, will work shoulder to shoulder with the service or product you’re selling.

Everybody in your profession has portfolios, testimonials, and beautiful photography but not everybody has original content. People looking for help will find you, and once you’ve established yourself as an authority, you will convert them into customers.


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