When to Rebrand Your Interior Design Business?

You may think of strong branding as something reserved for giants like Amazon, but businesses of all sizes can focus on creating a distinct brand identity. According to Reputation Institute, showed a study in 2018 that just 48% of consumers polled said that “brands appear genuine about what they say and stand for”. Here are four trends that are driving this trend:

• Mass prosperity means that mass brands are less distinctive.
• Consumers are curious and they like to experiment. Brand loyalty means a lack of curiosity, a lack of imagination, and a failure to believe in better possibilities.
• People want to express individuality, not conformity.

If you’re considering rebranding your firm, the first thing to ask yourself is “why do I want to rebrand?”. There are some really good reasons to change your brand that will help move your business forward.

You want people to know who you are and what you stand for. Your desire for people to identify your name with the quality of your service is the root of all branding.

When done right, and honestly, your brand helps people know what to expect of you – not only what you will do, but also how you will do it.

Your Firm Doesn’t Have Branding that Tells Your Own Story

Standing out is only good if you stand out for the right reasons. Your brand always needs to empathize with your story and, as an interior designer, with your own style. For firms that haven’t updated their logos and websites for a long time, rebranding can revitalize their image.

It’s critical for everyone involved in the firm to understand the how they’re changing client’s life and what unique service they provide. Understanding the story will help you to communicate what makes your firm unique and what kind of experience you want to share with your clientele.

Something in Your Firm Changed, and Your Brand No Longer Communicates What You Do

A change in your offering or services is the perfect opportunity for a brand facelift. If your business provided only home décor when it was founded but now offers interior design and furniture products, your branding should make that clear. If that is your case, you will need to re-evaluate your brand imagery, logo and communications to make sure you’re getting that across.

You Want to Attract Different Clientele

If you’re looking to reach a new demographic, you will need to do some research on what this new audience value. Redesigning your website can help you to reach audience who tend to value authenticity, transparency and a strong digital presence.

It might be time to switch up your branding always keeping in mind about your ideal customer first line up with your new repositioning.

Your Website Hasn’t Been Updated in Years

The time to update your website, depend entirely on your business goals, objectives, economic considerations and rebranding.

Once you’ve got a new design and goals for your business, all the messages and color palette will extend to your website.

Your Website Doesn’t Increase Traffic

As a business owner what you’d like most in the world is to get more clientele. When you already have a website, your biggest wish is generating more traffic on your site, right? There are many ways you can increase traffic on your website, but all begins with planning your website

Should I invite my clientele to be part of the rebrand process?

Of Course! If you aren’t sure if your website is outdated, try getting feedback from them or reaching out to us, it would be a pleasure to clarify your doubts.


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